Which companies have the biggest printing costs?

Australia’s leading printers and inkjet makers have long dominated the global printing market, but a new survey shows they’re now struggling to stay ahead of rivals.

The latest research from industry lobby group the Australian Printing and Electronic Industry Association (APIA) found the average cost of a single sheet of paper in Australia is $4.35, compared with $3.70 in Japan and $3 in South Korea.

But that’s still far cheaper than China’s and India’s average costs of $7.30 and $9.60, respectively.APIA president Paul Murphy said the report shows that printers are struggling to make up for the cost of inkjet printing.

“It’s a big problem,” he said.

“We have more paper now than we had a few years ago.

We’re spending a lot more per paper in a year on inkjet printers than we used to.”

What we’re seeing in this report is a problem with cost pressures, not a problem of technology.”APIA’s survey of more than 2,000 Australian business owners, analysts and industry executives, found that inkjet print orders fell 4 per cent last year, but are still growing by 12 per cent.”

Printers are struggling in Australia because they have been in the print business for so long,” Mr Murphy said.”[But] the reality is they’re not really doing well, they’re in a recession.

“He said while inkjet production is still rising, the industry was on the verge of a new high-end technology revolution that will allow inkjet to be produced at a fraction of the cost and with much greater quality.”

You could put it this way: in the next five years, the cost per sheet of ink is going to go down from about $3 to $2.

This is going down, so the technology and the production capability is going up,” he says.”

The challenge is the cost pressure of the inkjet.”APIOI also found that Australia’s cost of producing inkjet paper is set to continue to rise.

The APIA study found the cost to print paper from inkjet ink is expected to rise $100 to $1,500 over the next three years.”

A lot of the industry leaders that are in the ink industry are now going into the printer market as well,” Mr Moore said.APIOA report last month found that the average costs for Australian printers to produce paper from the ink is $3,000, compared to $3 per sheet from other countries.API said the current market for inkjet is not sustainable.”

Printing ink at home and in the home is a great way to make money but it’s not the right way to do it,” Mr Mulvihill said.