Inkjet printer maker Inkjet Printers is closing its doors for good

Inkjet printers, used to print documents, are in short supply, and a company that once manufactured the machines is shutting down.

The company, Inkjet Printing, is shutting its doors.

The news comes as inkjet printers have become an increasingly popular and more affordable alternative to printing documents. 

A recent report by the company said that demand for inkjet printing is “dwindling,” and that it would take about $2.2 billion to meet that demand. 

E-ink printers are also becoming increasingly popular in places where paper isn’t as readily available.

The Washington Post reports that inkjet-printing companies are looking to use their machines to help with the cost of printing newspapers and other documents, such as on school or government websites. 

According to The Post, Inkster, which is based in Virginia, is closing down for good.

It announced the closure last week, saying that it was closing for good due to declining demand.

E-inks, also known as e-ink or inkjet technology, were introduced to the market in the 1990s, when companies like Sony began producing them for the consumer market. 

Currently, the inkjet market is worth about $1.4 billion per year, according to a 2015 report from the company’s research arm. 

The company that now owns Inkster told The Post that it is looking to sell the business, but declined to provide any further details. 

“The inkjet industry is experiencing a slowdown in sales as we have seen a significant decrease in our print revenue and the need to invest in new production processes to meet the increasing demand,” the company told The Washington Press. 

Inkjet printers are typically used for making glossy documents or promotional material for websites, magazines, or advertising campaigns.

They are also used in printing the paper used for books and magazines, such for textbooks, textbooks, and even the official seal of a university. 

With printing costs going up, many businesses are looking at alternatives.

In January, Google announced that it will start printing Google+ content on a printer that is called a “pen-and-paper” printer. 

Other manufacturers are making inkjet print shops. 

Kraft said that it plans to close the first of three printing centers it has in South Carolina, after losing customers in the U.S. market.

According to the Associated Press, the move will reduce the size of the company in South Florida, which employs around 10,000 people. 

Google is also looking to replace its inkjet ink cartridges. 

Its Google Ink inkjet cartridges, which are also known in the business as the Google cartridges, are currently available in a number of countries.

The Google Ink cartridges are available in more than 120 countries. 

There have been a number reports about inkjet manufacturers laying off workers.

According the Reuters, a worker at a printing plant in Germany lost his job over a few months, and another laid off in France recently. 

Earlier this year, a printer in Switzerland shut down after about 10 employees were laid off, and the owner said the printer was not making enough money to keep running it. 

It is unclear when Inkster will close down, but it could be as soon as this month.