A New Yorker ‘loses his mind’ when he sees ‘lazy, uneducated, ignorant, uncaring’ workers in his office

A New York Times Magazine writer who has written for the New Yorker and The New Yorker Magazine says he is “lost” when he comes across people who are “lazy and uneducated and uncaring”.

He told the ABC he would be “the first person to call out” for more workers at his company who are not “a reflection of our culture”.

Mr Tait says he feels “really frustrated” and “really angry” by the way that his company’s workers are treated.

Mr Tain says he has been inundated with e-mails from people who have expressed their anger at Mr Taniel and how the company treats its employees.

He says the workers at Inkjet are paid less than those at other printer companies, and many of them have less education and experience than his colleagues.

“I have a pretty strong feeling about this,” Mr Tael said.

“It seems like the average worker at this company is probably between 18 and 24.

It’s a pretty small group, and it seems like they’re a little less qualified than the average printer worker in the country.”

He said he feels the company is failing to pay his staff a living wage.

“If I could go to the store and buy some shoes for my employees and pay them more, I would do it,” Mr Fain said.

Mr Fains says he knows of about 20 people at Inkjets who are struggling financially because they are unable to make ends meet.

“These guys, they just need to find another job, they’re going to be homeless, they are going to have to sell their house and they’re just not going to get by,” Mr Gains said.

Some of the workers who are employed by Mr Tildys company have been on strike for months.

The union representing Inkjet workers has been meeting with Mr Teddys company in an attempt to secure a pay rise.

“We’re hoping that this [strike] will lead to some sort of action,” Mr Sain said, “because they’re all really desperate to get paid.”

Inkjet says its workers are paid on time and on time.

“The printers that we employ are highly trained and highly skilled, and are paid based on their experience and performance, and our company is always looking for more people to improve their performance,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

Inkjet was founded in 2005 by Mr Faine and his partner, David Sains.

It is one of Australia’s largest printing companies and has a manufacturing plant in Perth.

The company is also a major retailer of magazines, newspapers and online content.

The magazine industry has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, with more than 40,000 jobs lost in the first quarter of this year.