Inkjet 3D printing to be offered in UK shops by the end of 2018

The inkjet printer is a high-speed, mass-produced, low-cost and high-quality, and its use is growing rapidly, according to new research.

A new report from the research firm Inkjet, which surveyed UK-based printer vendors, suggests the inkjet will become a viable alternative to the mass-manufacturing of printers and scanners for commercial purposes in the UK by the middle of the decade.

The survey, conducted by Inkjet for the UK’s Technology Council, found that inkjet printers are the fastest growing segment of the industry, growing at a rate of 22% annually over the past five years, which is more than double the growth rate for the other two segments, scanners and printers.

The rapid growth in the ink jet market is in part due to the relatively low manufacturing cost of the ink-jet printer.

According to the study, there are currently more than 300 inkjet manufacturers in the world, with about 80% of them producing inkjet products.

Inkjet printers typically sell for between $20 and $40, depending on their manufacturer, with a typical unit costing around $3,000 to $4,000.

However, the market is expected to grow rapidly, as the ink supply of the world is expected have to increase significantly by 2021 to meet the demand for high-end printers.

According a spokesperson for Inkjet’s chief executive, Matt O’Connor, the demand is expected for a range of applications, including consumer electronics, medical equipment, and aerospace and military aircraft.

The market for inkjet machines has grown to more than one billion worldwide, O’Connors said.

According the research, inkjet printing is likely to reach a saturation point around 2021, and there is a 50% chance that the market will reach its full capacity by 2020.

However the ink machine’s market share is expected increase by more than 50% in that time frame.

O’Connor told Engadgets that the inkJet is expected at this point to be the only inkjet product available in the mainstream market, and that the company is already preparing a range to complement the printers it offers.

Inkjet currently offers printers in both 3D printers and inkjet, with the latter being more affordable.

For instance, inkJet offers printers with prices ranging from $300 to $3k for printers that are compatible with both 3DPrint and 3D-print.

This price range will likely expand as more inkjet models are released, O.C.O. said.

The inkJet market is currently dominated by printers made by 3D printer manufacturer, Shapeways.

However in 2020, the company will be launching a range that includes a range, called 3D Ink.

The company is working to increase the penetration of its 3D ink printing technology in the market.

According O’Connell, the growth of the Inkjet market will depend on its ability to increase its penetration and adoption of the new technologies in its ink-based printers.

While it has a long way to go in this regard, the rapid growth of inkjet technology will likely push Inkjet to be able to offer a wider range of products to the market in the future.