How to use an iPad Air to print in inkjet paper

Apple has long sold its iPad Air tablets with a built-in inkjet printing system.

But it’s now making it easier to print with inkjet printers.

Today, Apple is adding support for its inkjet technology to its iPad and iPad mini devices, as well as the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Apple’s latest inkjet printable paper is called Apple Pencil, and it’s available to anyone with an Apple iPad and an Apple Pencier Pro stylus.

The printer can print in either black or white ink.

Apple Pencil is compatible with all of the company’s existing Pencil products, including the Pencil+ and Pencil Pro.

The inkjet is only available in black ink.

It’s not clear whether Apple will also add support for the inkjet for other products in the future.

The InkJet for the iPad Pro is the only inkjet product that works with the Apple Pen Censer, which uses a 3-D scanner to scan objects in front of the stylus and then generates a layer of ink to print the object.

The scanner is a little more expensive than the Apple Censer printer, which costs $79.99, but it’s a much better value.

Apple has also made inkjet-printing available for the Apple Watch, although its inkjets are not officially supported.

It will be interesting to see how the inkjits are used in the real world.