‘Lion’ has an unlikely role to play in new iPad Pro story

Apple is making a major shift in the smartphone market with the release of the new iPad Pros.

The company is bringing back its first touchscreen iPad Pro, which will be the most expensive device ever made.

The new iPad is being called the “Lion”, after the name of the lion in the bible.

It features an all-glass display that doubles as a stylus and allows users to draw on the screen.

The iPad Pros, which are expected to launch in late November or early December, are priced at $799 (£569).

The new iPads will be made by the Taiwanese manufacturer Ricoh, which makes the Ricoh 4K camera.

Ricoh has previously said it will produce the iPads with the latest chips and software, and that it will be using “old school” hardware for the latest iPads.

“The new generation of iPads will include an improved design and feature set, and a new design and feel that makes them even more attractive than ever,” the company said in a statement.

The “Lions” iPad Pro comes in two models, the “A10 Fusion” and “A9 Fusion”.

The A9 Fusion will include the “Supercharge” technology, which allows the iPad Pro to charge in just a few minutes.

The A10 Fusion is the “ultimate in mobile performance” and will come in at $999 (£849).

The “A11 Fusion” will include a “truly powerful” GPU, the first of its kind for an iPad.

The GPU is “designed to deliver the most powerful, energy efficient graphics performance of any iPad,” according to Ricoh.

The company also unveiled a new wireless charging dock, which is similar to Apple’s Qi wireless charging technology.

It will allow users to charge the iPad “with two hands and an Apple Watch strap” at the same time.

The iPads will come with a new camera that will have a new “tentative” design.

This is not expected to be the final design, but the company has said that it’s “excited” about the camera.

The camera will also have “improved image quality”.

The iPad Pro will cost $1,199 (£1,229).

The iPad mini will also be sold with a “SuperCharge” battery and the company will also bring back the original iPad Mini, which sold for $499.

The iPad Mini has since been discontinued.