How to make inkjet printers in your garage

In this video tutorial, I’ll walk you through the basics of making your own inkjet printing device. 

For the most part, the process is pretty straight forward.

You’ll need a printer, some parts, and some ink.

Here’s what you’ll need to start off.

The basic parts listI used an Arduino Mega and an Arduino Uno, as well as an SD card for the Arduino and the firmware for the software.

The hardware for the inkjet 3D printer was fairly straightforward. 

I purchased some inkjet filament and a printer cartridge that you can find online.

I used a laser cutter and a laser engraver for this project.

The inkjet cartridge was a little more complicated.

You’ll need some ink, some ink cartridges, and a metal tube.

The plastic tube that holds the ink is a good idea, too.

I had a cheap plastic tube and used a bit of tape to seal the edges of the tube.

You can purchase an adapter if you don’t have a tube.

I got the tube at a store for about $1.20, but you could get it for about the same price. 

To make the ink, you’ll want to get the right kind of ink. 

The best ink is actually a combination of a solid white ink and a translucent, colored ink.

The ink you get from your printer will likely have a darker ink color, but this is your choice. 

You’ll want the same kind of filament as the ink cartridge.

I usually buy about 3-4mm filament.

You may be able to get a better filament for less money, but I was able to find a decent filament for about a dollar at Amazon.

The cheaper the filament, the better it will work for the 3D printed part. 

Once you have the right sort of ink, it’s time to get some filament.

If you don.t have any ink cartridges or ink cartridges that you want to print, you can buy those.

I’m not sure if they work with the printer, but if they do, they’re not that hard to get. 

When printing, I would try to avoid printing in the middle of the print. 

Printing in the wrong place could lead to bad results. 

First, print the part.

If you have a printer that can print 3D objects, you could try to print in the center of the frame or even on the front side.

You could also print the entire frame on a printer.

You will want to make sure you don?t print the front, because you?ll have a difficult time printing it. 

Here’s the part printed.

The part is a bit hard to see, but it should be okay. 

Next, cut out the parts.

I chose to print the top part.

I made it so that the part was the most difficult part to cut out, but after you get the parts printed, it should all line up.

I printed the bottom part first, but later printed the sides.

Cut the parts up.

This is where things get a little trickier.

You want to keep the parts straight, so cut them to the right size.

Here?s what I ended up with.

Here?s the part with the parts cut out.

That part is the one that needs to be printed. 

Now that the parts are printed, you have to make a hole. 

This is tricky.

You need to cut a hole that’s a certain size and length.

You don?ve a lot of freedom when you print, but some of these holes aren?t very big.

You have to figure out how big a hole you want so that you don%t end up with a lot more parts than you need.

Here is what I did.

You can also print smaller holes in between the parts so that they don?re not so large. 

And that?s where you need to take some time.

You?ll need to make the holes so that there is enough room between them.

Here are the parts that I used.

Here are the holes that I made.

I also had to print a lot.

I didn?t have a laser, so I used some cheap filament to print them. 

As you can see, they?ve pretty big.

If I had more time, I?d print bigger holes.

But right now, it just isn?t going to be enough to print enough parts to get it to print out the whole thing.

Here is the printed part printed with the holes cut out and all the parts attached. 

Finally, you need a base.

I wanted to print something on a metal frame that would hold everything together, so my printer had to have a frame.

Here?w?t be enough for this.

You might be able?t get much support for your printed part on a frame, so make sure that it has