New printer is designed for CNC machine owners

An Australian company is designing a new printer that’s designed for people who need a simple way to print something small.CNC Inkjet is the world’s first company to offer a printer that can be used in a range of industries, from CNC machines to 3D printers.

“We have a range on offer, from a small machine for the CNC and machine shops, to a small print bed for the home, and also for businesses where they might need a printer to print small parts or parts that are not part of their production line,” CNC InkJet CEO Chris MacKenzie said.

“You can use the printer in many different areas, and it is easy to connect it up to other devices.”

He said the printer would not be sold by CNC-printing companies, but would be offered by manufacturers who want to use the technology for other types of manufacturing.CBN’s partner in the business, an electronics supplier, is also offering the printer to consumers for a lower price than what it would normally cost.

“The whole point of this company is that we can get these printers and they can be sold on to people in Australia for less than what they would normally charge in the United States,” Mr MacKenz said.

A prototype of the CNV2CNC2C printer.

Photo: Supplied”We’re going to be able to sell these printers, but the pricing that we’re offering will be much lower than what people would normally pay in the US or the UK.”CNC-Printing machines are becoming more popular as printers become more powerful and cheaper to use.

Mr MacKenny said there was a growing demand for a machine that was easy to use and cost effective, and was able to print a wide range of products.

“If we can do it for the people who would use the machines, then we’ve made a huge step forward,” he said.CNV2 has already made two successful Kickstarter campaigns to raise $100,000 for its printer, and Mr Mackenzie said the company hoped to reach that number of people who backed its first campaign.

“This is the first time we’ve done this,” he told ABC News.

“It’s the first product that we’ve put on Kickstarter and we’re looking forward to seeing if it’s a success.”

There’s a lot of people out there that want to have a machine they can print with CNC technology.