Cylindrical Inkjet printer for the digital age

A cylindral printer has been developed by Chinese researchers, who claim it will cut printing costs by 50% and increase the number of printers in China by 40%.

The technology, which was announced by the National Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotechnology Technology in Beijing, can print up to 500 sheets per hour and uses laser cutting technology to cut the sheets.

The paper-thin cylindrals can be printed on a wide variety of materials including paper, metal, plastic, ceramics and even glass.

They can be assembled into a variety of designs and customized.

Cylindrals also have the ability to store digital files.

The paper is flexible and has a surface that can be bent to fit the design.

The filament is also flexible, so the cylindr can be curved to fit an intended pattern.

Cynics might say it will never happen in China, but the paper-and-fiber technology is currently being used in the country to print medical records, medical devices and other materials.

The National Center of Nanotechnology has been working on the cylindle-printing technology since the late 1990s.

It developed the technology and patented it in 2001.

The center has a long history of research in the field of biomedical research.

It has also patented its own flexible, flexible and flexible inkjet printers.