Why did the Bengals lose the AFC title game?

The Bengals will play in Week 13, and the team lost its first game of the season.

The Bengals are 0-4 in the AFC North this season, and their last win came on Dec. 9.

It’s a tough road to take. 

The Bengals are the third team in NFL history to lose their divisional game in Week 1.

They also played in a Week 2 divisional loss to the Titans.

That’s the only other team to do so. 

This loss was the first of three for Cincinnati in Week 2, the first time they’ve been shut out in a game.

It also marks the second time in five games that the Bengals have been shutout. 

Injuries, poor offensive line play, and a lackluster defense have contributed to the Bengals’ struggles to close games.

It appears that Dalton has the offensive line and offensive line coach on the hot seat.

The team’s offensive line was among the worst in the NFL in 2016, allowing an average of 7.2 yards per carry. 

Last year, Cincinnati lost to the Broncos, who had a top-10 run defense.

Denver’s top two running backs, C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman, combined for 1,848 yards.

This season, they’ve combined for just 977 yards on the ground. 

That’s a huge drop-off from last year’s offensive performance.

In 2016, the Broncos gave up 646 yards on 36 carries. 

When the Bengals played the Raiders in Week 3, the Bengals defense held the Raiders to just 1 touchdown.

That would be the lowest point total in the Raiders history. 

Cincinnati had a very good defensive effort, as they held Oakland to just 12 points in the second half.

They did not allow a touchdown. 

There were a couple of good plays on special teams that led to points, including a big punt return and a punt return for a touchdown against the Browns in Week 4. 

After a poor effort in the regular season, the team did not get off to a great start.

Cincinnati had an 8-3 record in the first four games of the year before losing to the Chargers in Week 8. 

If the Bengals can keep their start down to 8-5, they should be in a good spot to get back to the playoffs. 

What to watch for: If the Bengals are in the playoff hunt, they will need to get their starting quarterback to perform well.

They will need him to have a strong passing game.

If Dalton can’t come up with the ball, the offense will be more vulnerable. 

Prediction: The Bengals could end up with a win.

They could also lose to the Raiders and lose to Cleveland.

That scenario would put the Bengals in last place.