FourFour Two

FourFourOne has launched its first colour inkjet printers for print jobs on demand.

The printers use an acetate-based ink, which is available from online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

The printer is a bit like a traditional inkjet inkjet, but the ink can be mixed with other colours and prints with varying levels of detail.

It can also be used to print a range of objects including posters, posters with animals and even a car model.

The inkjet prints on to paper and then prints onto a computer printer using a software that then takes the inkjet print and uses it to create images on a computer screen.

The idea is to make a printer that can be used on demand, and the machines cost less than a few hundred dollars.

“We’re hoping that people will use these printers, because it’s a great way to get your hands on a new print job that you might not normally be able to afford,” FourFourMate co-founder John Birtles said.

“But we also know that you can print more and more of things on a daily basis, and that’s why we’ve also created a range in which you can get a whole range of different colours at a reasonable price.”

The printer uses a special ink that is able to mix with other chemicals.

For example, it is able do the job of inkjet paper, but if you wanted to print out a book you’d have to use a paper or paperboard.

To make it work, FourFour Mate has developed an inkjet machine which uses a combination of the Acetate ink, and an ink-jet printer.

“There’s a lot of ink that’s available, so you can just combine that with a lot more chemicals,” Mr Birtls said.

The machines are available for pre-order at

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