New inkjet technology creates inkjet cartridges for inkjet printers


PAUL, Minn.

(AP) — It’s not a new idea to write your own prescription medicine.

It just takes a special inkjet that can be used for a specific prescription.

A group of medical students at the University of Minnesota is working on that technology, which they hope will become a standard in medicine by 2020.

The students are working on a new inkjet cartridge that uses a small, flexible plastic cartridge that makes it easy to print prescription medicine with one stroke.

The idea is to use the cartridge to print prescriptions without using a machine that would need to be cleaned after each use.

A paper cartridge is about the size of a quarter.

It is filled with a chemical called an ink solution that is heated, and then cooled.

The paper cartridge then comes out of the ink solution.

The ink solution is the substance that the paper cartridges is coated with.

The coated paper can be easily washed off after use.

The idea is the cartridges are easy to clean, and that they can be printed in seconds.

This cartridge can print prescriptions that are easy for people to understand.

The ink solution and the chemical coatings are also recyclable.

This cartridge can also be easily reused.

This new cartridge will make it possible for people who need to have a prescription filled with one injection or one dropper of ink to print it, rather than having to get it done at least once a day.