‘Boom’: An Irish company’s $150 million inkjet costs ‘boom’

A Ballymurphy-based inkjet manufacturer said on Monday that it will use its new machine, the Parallel Inkjet Printer, to print its own products at a cost of up to $150,000, about double the price of a similar machine it uses to print for other printers.

Bally Murphy’s Parallel InkJet Printer (PIP) machine has been in development for several years, said Mark Tully, CEO of the company, in a statement.

The machine is designed to print on a single piece of paper, which allows for faster production and faster shipping, he said.

Tully said that it is now able to produce its own ink in the Parallel inkjet Prandex printer, which costs $150 per tonne of ink, about four times cheaper than its competitors.

The Parallel ink printer has already been used by a number of other businesses, he added.

Boolmall, Co Cork, is the latest startup to launch its own printer.

The company, which is owned by the Irish group O’Reilly Media Group, is looking to make inkjet printers in the UK and in the US as well.

Inksys is the third major inkjet maker to announce it will start selling its own machines.

It is one of the few inkjet manufacturers to offer a product at a price that is competitive with rival companies, said the company’s chief executive, Andrew Wiles.

The machines will be available from the end of February.