How to get your team inkjet printer to work with the inkjet for the first time

With the ink-jet era winding down, the NFL is giving inkjet printers the same treatment that the old paper-and-pencil era gave its paper-based devices: a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get started with your team.

The NFL’s Office of the Vice President and Business Development said Monday that it has been working with inkjet manufacturers to help make the process of printing professional team apparel and player jerseys even simpler for teams.

That includes adding a button to the printer, which can be used to quickly and easily add ink and print the jerseys and player uniforms, according to a news release from the NFL. 

Inkjet printing has become so popular in recent years that the NFL now uses more ink than ever before, with teams printing up to 16,000 jerseys a game.

The move to the ink was announced after the league said in January that it would use its network of printers to print up to 80,000 uniforms for the upcoming season.

That’s more than any other professional sports league, including the NHL.

The league has also been using the ink to make uniforms for games that didn’t have ink.

That will happen for the 2016 season, the league announced.

“The inkjet is a unique, versatile printing technology that has enabled us to print uniforms for more than two decades,” the NFL said in a statement.

“It has also allowed us to expand our capabilities for producing uniforms and uniforms accessories to include more player, coach, and assistant uniforms.”