How to get a ‘clean’ print of Trump’s birth certificate

By Brian TaitThe Hill title More than 100,000 signed petition demanding a full audit of the Trump family’s finances article By Amy MettlerThe Hill article The number of signatures demanding a thorough audit of Trump family finances has grown from fewer than 100 in February to more than 150 today.

The petition, signed by more than 100 people from across the country, says the President should be transparent about the source of his $916 million in income, which he reported to the Internal Revenue Service last year.

The signatures were posted on Twitter and Facebook by a group called the President’s American Citizens for an Honest Audit of His Personal Financial Assets.

The group said it is also launching a website, which it says will be up and running next week, to collect signatures.

The group said that Trump, who was sworn in to the White House in January, had not filed tax returns for more than a decade and had not disclosed his assets, liabilities and investments to the IRS.

The Trump family has refused to release Trump’s tax returns since March 2018.

The President has repeatedly said that he paid no taxes during his presidential campaign and that he is the victim of a politically motivated lawsuit by his political enemies.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent the release of his tax returns.

“We will not stand idly by and allow this administration to ignore the American people’s concerns and withhold their tax dollars,” the group said in a statement.