Dell is rolling out a new printer that can read inkjet cartridges, it says

Dell is introducing a new inkjet printing machine that can print inkjet-style cartridges, which it claims will save customers money on paper.

The company is launching a new machine at a trade show in China, the TechCrunch news site reported on Monday.

It claims the inkjet scanner can read and print cartridges from cartridges that weigh as little as 100 grams (0.24 oz), the site said.

The new printer, called Inkjet Scanner, can also process inkjet paper, which the company claims is “much more flexible, robust, and more durable than any other type of printed material.”

It can also print a wide variety of documents, including photos, maps, video, and text.

The company also says it can scan and print digital files, including HTML, CSS, HTML5, and Java code.

According to the company, Inkjet scans can be done on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or a computer printer.

It is priced at around $500 (HK$7,000).